Lancashire County Council Funding

Sporting Challenge have been awarded funding from some of the West Lancashire division – Lancashire County Councillors from the Lancashire County Council Local Member Grant Scheme. This is great news and will fund some of our evening activities in the future. Details of the individual awards are below. Many thanks to Lancashire County Council and it’s respective councillors.

Cllr Julie Gibson – Skelmersdale West £250 for a session of either Bowling, Boccia/ Kurling or Aerobics.

Cllr David Westley – West Lancashire East £250 for a session of Bowling, Boccia / Kurling or Aerobics.

Cllr Malcolm Barron- West Lancashire North £250 for a session of Bowling, Boccia / Kurling or Aerobics.

Cllr Cynthia Dereli – West Lancashire West £250 for a session of Bowling, Boccia/ Kurling or Aerobics.

Cllr David O’Toole – West Lancashire South £250 for a session of Bowling, Boccia/ Kurling or Aerobics.

Cllr Nikki Hennessy – Ormskirk West £250 for a session of Bowling, Boccia/ Kurling or Aerobics.



Skipton Building Society Cheque Presentation

Sporting challenge were awarded £1,050.80 in September 2012 from the Skipton Building Society to go towards the cost of various sporting activities over the next year. This funding has allowed the charity to try new activities as well as ones tried before. The donation has enabled the group to introduce more people in the area who have learning difficulties to creative and fun exercise sessions.

On 22nd May 2013 Carol Galvin the Manager of the Skipton Building Society in Southport came to award the charity with their presentation cheque and see at first hand the work they do. Her visit was one of the Boccia and Kurling sessions which take place at Burscough Wharf in partnership with Domino Partnerships.

Sporting Challenge is made up of parents and carers who have been providing sporting activities for around 30 people with learning difficulties in West Lancashire for nearly three years.

They organise evening and weekend activities including ten pin bowling, aerobics, swimming, archery, Wii nights, boccia, kurling, and dance sessions. The classes are a great way for their service users to have fun, make friends and lead an active lifestyle. And they also provide some respite care for their families and carers.

It can be difficult for people with learning difficulties to access sport and exercise activities. Barriers include parents or carers being unable to physically take them and stay with them at classes, and they can also experience physical difficulties with participating in mainstream sport and exercise classes.

This is where Sporting Challenge can really help. It provides special workers who can collect participants from where they live and provide much needed support while they are having fun, before dropping them off back home.

Chairman of Sporting Challenge, John Haggart said: “I am delighted with the donation Sporting Challenge has received from the Skipton as it has enabled us offer more activities for our members.”

Secretary and Trustee Edward McCarthy said: ” It was a wonderful opportunity for Carol to see the work we do. Thank you very much on behalf of everyone.”

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Community Foundation for Lancashire May 2013

Sporting Challenge have been awarded £1000 from the Community Foundation for Lancashire, this will go towards funding 3 Swimming sessions, 3 Ten Pin Bowling sessions and 3 Boccia/ Kurling sessions.

For more information about Sporting Challenge please get in touch or for more information visit the Community Foundation for Lancashire website link below-

Community Foundation for Lancashire website page