Rock and River visit


Sporting Challenge are a group of Parent/Carers who from 2008 have been providing sporting activities for around 40 people with learning disabilities in West Lancashire to keep them fit and healthy. They provide Sessional Workers who collect them from where they live, support the people whilst they are at the sports centres and then return them home after the activities.

With funding secured from the Skipton Building Society they arranged a day at Rock and River Outdoor Pursuits in Mawdesley on the 31st August 2013 and people were able to take part in climbing, archery and canoeing. The weather was great and the group had a fun and a challenging day !

Edward McCarthy ,Trustee and Secretary of Sporting Challenge, said “The group had a very exciting day at Rock and River with the help of the Skipton Building Society. The activities were great fun but were also  good for confidence building and everyone pushed themselves to the limit. Many thanks to Rock and River for a fantastic day.”

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