Lancashire County Council Grants for Sporting Challenge Tax Year 2017-2018

Sporting Challenge have been awarded funding from some of the West Lancashire division of Lancashire County Councillors from the Lancashire County Council Local Member Grant Scheme.

Sporting Challenge, we are a group of Parent/Carers who from 2008 have been providing sporting activities for around 50 people with learning disabilities in West Lancashire to keep them fit and healthy.These evening and weekend activities include Ten Pin Bowling, Aerobics, Swimming and Boccia/Kurling at local Sports Centres. Many people with a learning disability don’t take part in any exercise activity because the family/carers who support them are not motivated or are unable to take them on such activities and they can’t go on their own. We provide Sessional Workers who will collect them from where they live, support the people whilst they are at the sports centres and then return them home after the activities.

Edward McCarthy Sporting Challenge Activities Co-ordinator said: “This is great news and will fund some of our evening activities in the future. Details of the individual awards are below. Many thanks to Lancashire County Council and it’s respective councillors. Over the last year a number of new adults have started attending and we have also tried some new activities such as sailing.”

  • Cllr David O’Toole – West Lancashire South £200 for one of our varied sessions.
  • Cllr Julie Gibson – Skelmersdale West £250 for one of our varied sessions.
  • Cllr Malcolm Barron – West Lancs North £250 for one of our varied sessions.
  • Cllr Nikki Hennessy – Ormskirk £250 for one of our varied sessions.
  • Cllr Terry Aldridge – Skelmersdale Central £250 for our sessions.
  • Cllr Eddie Pope – Burscough and Rufford £250 and £266.25 for our sessions.
  • Cllr Paul Greenall – West Lancs East £100 towards our sessions.


  • Cllr Joan Burrows – Champion for the Elderly £500 for aspects of our sessions.
  • Cllr Peter Steen – Champion for the Disabled £1100 for aspects of our sessions.
  • Cllr Mark Perks the Champion for Youth £1000 towards our sessions for younger members.

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