£2000 LCC Funding Award for Sporting Challenge

Sporting Challenge have been awarded £2000 for sessional costs from the Lancashire County Council – Young People’s Service – Small Grants Scheme.

The funds are for:

Sessional staff costs. £1100.


Session costs:

Dance sessions.

Boccia and Kurling sessions.


Edward McCarthy Sporting Challenge Activities Organiser said: “On behalf of Sporting Challenge I wish to thank Lancashire County Council for their most generous Young Peoples Grant. Our numbers are growing and the majority of new members are aged 16-22. This is a key area we need to support. This number is set to grow over the years to come. We are working with Lancashire County Council to provide support/ sessions for adults transition aged (16-22) this can be a difficult time for the adults and their families. There is a lot of change and they can easily move from school/ college and not keep their friendships. Our group can help people make new friends, grow in confidence and keep fit and healthy. If you are a parent who is interested please get in touch !”

For more information  on Sporting Challenge call 07971 299606 or email EdwardatEMSS@gmail.com

Visit www.sporting-challenge.org.uk .