April 2019 Flyer

SCA Flyer April 2019

Date Event Venue Cost if with the group Cost if you come with own support Start time
1st April Bowling At Premier Bowl in Southport. £10 £6 7:30pm.
8th April Pool/Snooker 22 Club, Moorgate, Ormskirk. £10 £5 7:30pm-9pm.
10th April Bowling in Wigan At Hollywood Bowl in Wigan. £10 £6 7:30pm
15th April Dance Dance with McDonald Dance.

Waltz and Tango Night.

£10 £5 7:30pm-9pm.
17th April Boccia and New Age   Kurling The Arts Centre, Burscough Wharf. £10 £5 7.30pm-9pm.
24th April Nintendo Night and VR Night.


The Arts Centre, Burscough Wharf. £10 £5 7:30pm-9pm.
25th April Aerobics Aerobics with Amanda. At the Burscough Old People’s Club. £7 £4 7:30-8:30pm.