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A message from Sporting Challenge 2020-05-12


I have sent it out just in case things improve and we can start again, however it’s looks very unlikely.

1st June Pool At the 22 Club Ormskirk. £10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
8th June Bowling in Southport. At Tenpin Southport. If the first Bowling night is oversubscribed (on a first come basis) you will be offered first choice on the second night. £11 £7 7:30pm.
10th June Nintendo Night and VR Night The Arts Centre, Burscough Wharf. £10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
15th June Dance The Legion n Burscough. Run by McDonald Dance.

ThemeVE Day Celebrations.

£10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
17th June Boccia and New Age Kurling. The Arts Centre, Burscough Wharf. £10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
24th June Bowling in Southport. At Tenpin Southport. £11 £7 7:30pm.
25th June Aerobics Aerobics at Burscough. £7 £4 8pm-9pm.

Sports England

Sports England have awarded Sporting Challenge £4380 to help fund their fitness and aerobics sessions which they run.

Sporting Challenge is a family led charity started in 2008 operating in West Lancashire supporting people with learning disabilities, where all members of the Board of Trustees are parents and carers themselves.

The charity aims to provide sporting activities to encourage people with learning disabilities to keep fit and healthy. We run activities that our members feel are most beneficial to them in improving their health, fitness, well being and enjoyment of physical activity and those which they are most likely to continue with. These activities include: Aerobics, Bowling, Boccia, Kurling, Zumba/Dance, Swimming and other Fitness Activities.

They support around adults with learning disabilities in the West Lancashire area to access a variety of activities by providing transport to and from their homes and the appropriate sessional workers to support them whilst carrying out the activities.

Edward McCarthy Activities Organiser says: “We’re delighted that Sports England have recognised our work in this way. This will help fund many of our popular fitness sessions in the year ahead.”

For more information visit https://www.sportengland.org .