About Sporting Challenge

Many people with additional needs don’t take part in any exercise activity because the family carers who support them are not motivated or are unable to do so because of their age and they find it a struggle to go by themselves. Our group is called Sporting Challenge and was set up by a group of concerned parents of adults in 2008 with additional needs and its aims are to give people with additional needs the opportunity to participate in different sporting activities and encourage them to improve their health and well-being. We arrange for sessional workers to help them with the activities.

There has also been concern locally about the health of people with additional needs and it is recognised that these people need to exercise more. We have discussed this subject with the West Lancashire CCG who cover the West Lancashire Area and they support our project and advertise our activities in their newsletter as do other local bodies/organisations.

In Sporting Challenge’s Constitution the Objectives are “To Provide or assist in the provision of opportunities and facilities in the interest of social welfare for the physical recreation or other leisure time occupation for individuals who need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances, in particular people with learning difficulties with the object of improving their conditions of life.”

Sporting Challenge is managed by a committee consisting of parents and volunteers.

People who live in West Lancashire can access our activities.

The Trustees are:

  1. Alasdair Watson (Chairman/Trustee/Parent)
  2. Mildred Watson (Secretary/Trustee/Parent)
  3. Gary Reece (Vice Chairman/Trustee/Parent
  4. Kate Brady (Trustee/Parent/Safeguarding Officer)
  5. Claire Townley (Trustee/Parent)
  6. Marie Monk (Trustee/Parent)
  7. Chris Forman-Taylor (Trustee/Parent)

Other Committee Members are:

Edward McCarthy (Sporting Challenge Activities Organiser/Charity Treasurer).

Here is our charity commission page: Charity Commission Page for Sporting Challenge .