Coronavirus Member Update 25th August 2020

Sporting Challenge: COVID-19 Update

We hope that you are all continuing to keep well and still coping with the constraints that we have all had to live with since earlier this year …

As a charity, we are absolutely committed to keeping all of our members and support staff safe. This has meant we have produced detailed risk assessments for our activities which will provide a guide as to when we can recommence them.

Although there have been significant government relaxation of restrictions, here in the North West of England some of these restrictions are about to be reintroduced due to localised Covid-19 challenges.

The lifting of restrictions has allowed Sporting Challenge to reintroduce some outdoor activities for August and September, however looking ahead to October the view of the trustees is that to recommence our indoor activities is not yet possible primarily due to the challenges of venues not yet meeting our risk assessment criteria and Social Distancing being maintained by both our members, but as importantly others.

We will continue to review the situation and where and when it is possible will advise you of any changes that will allow us to run further activities.



Alasdair Watson


Sporting Challenge

24th August 2020.



Information 27 7 2020 SC

In line with the Government’s current advice to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are no longer accepting cash payment when attending Sporting Challenge activities. We will send out at the end of each month an invoice which will include details of the Sporting Challenge Bank Sort Code and Account Number that the payment is to be made to. If you need any assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

If unwell / display COVID-19 symptoms as identified by the NHS

Staff cars will be cleaned prior to picking up anyone and again afterwards.

Face Masks must be worn in the car and will be asked to sit in back so as to maintain distancing from the PA. If no mask at pick up time means we will not bring you.

Bring Hand Gel and ensure that you use it when appropriate and reminders to do so will be given by PA’.s.

All activities will be based ‘outdoors’. If the weather isn’t deemed fit, the activity will be cancelled, and participants will be informed as soon as possible prior to being collected.

Activities have been risk assessed and the group will adhere to 1m social distancing and PPE requirements.

Sporting Challenge cannot be held accountable should a member (or PA) subsequently contracted COVID-19.

Names/addresses of all attendees will be compiled subject to this being needed for the NGS Track and Trace system.

28 7 2020.

Sporting Challenge Update

Dear all,

I hope you are well and managing.

Please find attached the April flyer.


I have sent it out just in case things improve and we can start again, however it’s looks very unlikely.

There is attached a poster about the September weekend holiday which we are planning when hopefully things will be back to normal.

The price is £220.


Please have a look and book a place if you want to come.

If I or my staff can help you at all please get in touch.


Best wishes,


Stay safe and well.




Holiday Poster HL SC

SCA Flyer April 2020


Sporting Challenge News

Sporting Challenge: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Against the backdrop of feedback from Trustees, Carers and this afternoon’s Government Press Conference advising the general public to minimise public gatherings and social contact, avoid non-essential contact and increase social distance I now believe we need to suspend all Sporting Challenge activities until further notice.

We fully appreciate that this will come as a disappointment to many of our members and their families; however it is in the interest of everyone that we do our best to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of all our members.

The suspension of Sporting Challenge activities is with immediate effect, so this Wednesday’s event has been cancelled.


Yours faithfully,


The Trustees

Sporting Challenge


 PS The new flyer will still be released this week with information about the Sporting Challenge 2020 Holiday.


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