Information 27 7 2020 SC

In line with the Government’s current advice to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are no longer accepting cash payment when attending Sporting Challenge activities. We will send out at the end of each month an invoice which will include details of the Sporting Challenge Bank Sort Code and Account Number that the payment is to be made to. If you need any assistance with this please do not hesitate to contact us for help.

If unwell / display COVID-19 symptoms as identified by the NHS

Staff cars will be cleaned prior to picking up anyone and again afterwards.

Face Masks must be worn in the car and will be asked to sit in back so as to maintain distancing from the PA. If no mask at pick up time means we will not bring you.

Bring Hand Gel and ensure that you use it when appropriate and reminders to do so will be given by PA’.s.

All activities will be based ‘outdoors’. If the weather isn’t deemed fit, the activity will be cancelled, and participants will be informed as soon as possible prior to being collected.

Activities have been risk assessed and the group will adhere to 1m social distancing and PPE requirements.

Sporting Challenge cannot be held accountable should a member (or PA) subsequently contracted COVID-19.

Names/addresses of all attendees will be compiled subject to this being needed for the NGS Track and Trace system.

28 7 2020.

Tesco Grant awarded to Sporting Challenge

Sporting Challenge have received a £500 grant from the Tesco Bags of Help Covid-19 Scheme to help fund future sessions.

A huge thank-you from everyone at Sporting Challenge.

Tesco Bags of Help has responded to the current COVID-19 crisis by setting up a new fund to support local communities. In order respond quickly to the emergency we have created a streamlined application and payment process to make it easier to get funds out quickly.

The programme will provide a single payment award of £500 to organisations who are supporting vulnerable groups, as part of their emergency response in supporting local communities.

Typically, the fund will support organisations that have experienced;

  • Increased demand –  a holiday hunger club needs more resources to support children through the summer months or  a food bank whose stocks are running low and needs an immediate donation to enable the food bank to restock.
  • Disrupted services – a  local charity setting up a delivery service  to replace its monthly lunch club, or a charity needing to set up a telephone service to support beneficiaries.
  • New services – a health focused charity having to set up a new online patient service requires new IT equipment or a mental health charity developing a new service.

The Marsh Christian Trust

Sporting Challenge have received a very kind donation from The Marsh Christian Trust to help fund future sessions.

A huge thank-you from everyone at Sporting Challenge.

The Marsh Christian Trust was founded in 1981 with the sum of £75,000 by its current Chairman, Mr Brian Marsh OBE.  His aim was to create a sustainable way to give something back to society, by supporting the organisations and people who are making a difference, as best he could. From the outset the Trust has aimed to create long-standing relationships with the organisations it supports and partners through both its principle areas of work; the Grants Programme and the Awards Scheme.

The Trust supports around 350 charities every year through the Grants Programme and gives around 80 different Awards to individuals and groups from across the charity sector, who make a difference to a cause that they believe in.

The Trust’s activities are financed by income derived from its investment portfolio and it does not accept any public donations.


June 2020 New Flyer

SCA Flyer June 2020

Sun flower Poster 2020

A message from Sporting Challenge 2020-05-12


I have sent it out just in case things improve and we can start again, however it’s looks very unlikely.

1st June Pool At the 22 Club Ormskirk. £10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
8th June Bowling in Southport. At Tenpin Southport. If the first Bowling night is oversubscribed (on a first come basis) you will be offered first choice on the second night. £11 £7 7:30pm.
10th June Nintendo Night and VR Night The Arts Centre, Burscough Wharf. £10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
15th June Dance The Legion n Burscough. Run by McDonald Dance.

ThemeVE Day Celebrations.

£10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
17th June Boccia and New Age Kurling. The Arts Centre, Burscough Wharf. £10 £5 7:30pm9pm.
24th June Bowling in Southport. At Tenpin Southport. £11 £7 7:30pm.
25th June Aerobics Aerobics at Burscough. £7 £4 8pm-9pm.

Sports England

Sports England have awarded Sporting Challenge £4380 to help fund their fitness and aerobics sessions which they run.

Sporting Challenge is a family led charity started in 2008 operating in West Lancashire supporting people with learning disabilities, where all members of the Board of Trustees are parents and carers themselves.

The charity aims to provide sporting activities to encourage people with learning disabilities to keep fit and healthy. We run activities that our members feel are most beneficial to them in improving their health, fitness, well being and enjoyment of physical activity and those which they are most likely to continue with. These activities include: Aerobics, Bowling, Boccia, Kurling, Zumba/Dance, Swimming and other Fitness Activities.

They support around adults with learning disabilities in the West Lancashire area to access a variety of activities by providing transport to and from their homes and the appropriate sessional workers to support them whilst carrying out the activities.

Edward McCarthy Activities Organiser says: “We’re delighted that Sports England have recognised our work in this way. This will help fund many of our popular fitness sessions in the year ahead.”

For more information visit .

Sporting Challenge May 2020

Dear all,

I hope you are well and managing.

Please find attached the May flyer.


I have sent it out just in case things improve and we can start again, however it’s looks very unlikely.

 It is looking like things will return to normal in late May/June.

There is attached a poster about the September weekend holiday which we are planning when hopefully things will be back to normal.

The price is £220. 

Please have a look and book a place if you want to come.

If I or my staff can help you at all please get in touch.



Best wishes,

Stay safe and well.


Holiday Poster HL SC

SCA Flyer May 2020