Sporting Challenge: COVID-19 Update

We hope that you are all continuing to keep well and still coping with the constraints that we have all had to live with since earlier this year …

As a charity, we are absolutely committed to keeping all of our members and support staff safe. This has meant we have produced detailed risk assessments for our activities which will provide a guide as to when we can recommence them.

Although there have been significant government relaxation of restrictions, here in the North West of England some of these restrictions are about to be reintroduced due to localised Covid-19 challenges.

The lifting of restrictions has allowed Sporting Challenge to reintroduce some outdoor activities for August and September, however looking ahead to October the view of the trustees is that to recommence our indoor activities is not yet possible primarily due to the challenges of venues not yet meeting our risk assessment criteria and Social Distancing being maintained by both our members, but as importantly others.

We will continue to review the situation and where and when it is possible will advise you of any changes that will allow us to run further activities.



Alasdair Watson


Sporting Challenge

24th August 2020.



By Edward