2020 – What a year!!

  • 2020 started off well with Sporting Challenge running its activities for all members during January and February, as we entered March the first signs of something on the horizon that might directly affect what we do for our members were beginning to show and on the 23rd March the government imposed the start of the first lockdown.
  • During the first Lockdown Sporting Challenge had no choice but to suspend all activities due to a combination of the lockdown rules, but equally the wish to keep our members and sessional workers safe.
  • We didn’t forget about you with us regularly sending out emails on “Thing to do” – quizzes, colouring sheets, word searches, things to make and links to the NHS, Fitness, Mental Health and Wellbeing along with many other websites, and last but least ideas from our members. A BIG thank you to our Activities Offer for keeping this going.
  • June saw the first signs of the lockdown restrictions being relaxed however most of the venues that we used for our indoor activities remained closed or were not yet ready to let us back.Nevertheless we were able to organise some outdoor activities during the better weather including walks and canal cruises.
  • In October as a result of the deteriorating situation in Lancashire and a joint appeal by Lancashire’s three directors of public health urging people to not mix with those outside of their household Sporting Challenge had no choice but to suspend member activities again.
  • This was followed by the introduction of the Tier 3 rules in October, the second national lockdown in November and return to Tier 3 in December so the recommencement of activities has not been possible.
  • As we could not organise a Christmas party for Sporting Challenge members after what has been a very difficult year for both them and their carers and families the trustees organised a Christmas hamper to be delivered to all members which we hope you will enjoy. The trustees have received many messages of thanks which are really appreciated.


  • Looking forward to 2021 let’s hope that we start to see things improve and we can resume our Sporting Challenge activities allowing member to meet up and see each other, socialise, and take part in our activities.

Finally can I thank all of the trustees and officers of Sporting Challenge for their support and input during this difficult year when hard decisions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of members and their sessional workers was uppermost in our minds / had to be made.


Alasdair Watson,


Sporting Challenge.

December 2020.

By Edward