As we could not organise a Christmas party for Sporting Challenge members after what has been a very difficult year for both them and their carers and families the trustees organised a Christmas hamper to be delivered to all members which we hope you will enjoy. The trustees have received many messages of thanks which are really appreciated.


  • Looking forward to 2021 let’s hope that we start to see things improve and we can resume our Sporting Challenge activities allowing member to meet up and see each other, socialise, and take part in our activities
  • Here’s what our members thought….and thanks for the nice hamper and selection box…
  • Very Merry Christmas  and a happy and healthy new year.
  • Lovely gift delivered yesterday both Alasdair and I are very impressed. A huge thank you.
  • Thank you very much for your email. Wishing you a very happy New Year.
  • Thank you Sporting Challenge. Yes indeed, let’s hope that 2021 will bring exciting times for those we support.  Everyone has done so well trying to deal with the ongoing issues. Merry Christmas.
  • I meant to email last week to say thank you from ………for the hamper. He was delighted to receive it, as you can see, and to have his visit from Lisa.  He couldn’t wait to open it!
  • …… has just received a hamper delivered by you. Thank you and the sponsors so much for this it was a lovely surprise and great choice of food. Happy Christmas to all.
  • ……. received an Xmas hamper from Sporting Activities. Non-perishable items, very kind and thoughtful. Also an Xmas card for ……. from Lisa.
  • Dear all at sporting challenge ,
    Thank you for the Christmas hamper which was delivered this afternoon . It was a lovely surprise and I am sure the whole family will enjoy the lovely treats .
    Hopefully 2021 (with the vaccine ) will return to a more normal life for the clients.
    ………… misses her activities.
    Wishing you ,all the staff and trustees a very Happy Christmas and a healthy new year.
    Thank you once again
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  And thank you so much for the lovely Christmas hamper Love from ………& family X.
  • Thank you so much from …… for the amazing hamper that was delivered earlier today – it was a little very surprise and much appreciated.
  • Would you pass on our thanks to Sporting Challenge for the delicious hamper.Happy Christmas & Best Wishes. Thanks.
  • Thank you Sporting Challenge for the lovely surprise hamper. It was a lovely gesture from you to …. and I.Let’s hope that 2021 brings the whole Sporting Challenge team back together and the young people can interact and take part in the fun activities that you organise
  • Merry Christmas & thank you
  • What a lovely surprise we got this morning, one of Santa’s helpers delivered a parcel. ……..was absolutely thrilled – you should have seen his face! Thank you for the hamper- its wonderful and made our day. Hope Santa brings you something nice too!
  • Thank you all for the present  I open it on Xmas day OK staff take care hope you have good time on Christmas merry all with family and friends
  • Thank you so much for …… Christmas present. It was a lovely surprise to open the door tonight and receive a present! He’s going to put it under the tree (when its up!) until Christmas morning. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Christmas and hopefully we’ll  get to see you all in the New Year.
  • What a surprise ! Thank you very much for the Christmas Hamper from Sporting Challenge.……… has already started with a jam butty and she is looking forward to sampling the wine !




December 2020.

By Edward