Sporting Challenge: COVID-19 Update June.


First of all the trustees of Sporting Challenge hope that you are all well and have not been too disappointed with the unseasonal weather that we have been having lately.

Will summer ever arrive!

Looking forward to our June activities you will see that we are have manged to increase our activities as you will have seen on the latest Flyer with all of these now taking place in the evening.

Please take the opportunity to join us and meet your friends again and enjoy the activities with in June these being Walks, Bat Walk, Driving Range Golf and Rock and River.

We will continue with our one member and a PA (Staff member) per car policy until at least the 21st June at which time the trustees will review this position.

Looking forward to the rest of the summer we will we continue to focus on outdoor activities particularly as some of the indoor venues are not yet ready for us, but we are in contact with them and making plans!

Please note that any plans are subject to the Government giving the go ahead to move to this next step of their roadmap along with additional local advice.

The charity advice to parents and carers is that the decision to allow members to attend Sporting Challenge activities is theirs alone.



Alasdair Watson


Sporting Challenge

Activities in June 2021.


By Edward