Sporting Challenge: COVID-19 Update  July / August.

Looking forward to our August activities you will see that we are continuing to focus on outdoor events whilst the weather is reasonably good and light in the evenings.

Please take the opportunity to join us and meet your friends and enjoy the activities with in August with these including Walks, Driving Range Golf and Kite Flying.

After the next step of the governments roadmap on the 19th July is implemented the trustees have agreed that we should continue to do our best to keep everyone safe while traveling to and from activities and will ask that you continue to wear a face mask and PA’s cleaning their cars before each event.

If you feel uncomfortable able sharing a car you can always have your family / carer get you to the event and back home.

With the large number of cases locally can we ask that if you are displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus you do not attend any of our activities until you have been tested and received a negative result.

The charity advice to parents and carers is that the decision to allow members to attend Sporting Challenge activities is theirs alone.


Alasdair Watson
Sporting Challenge
July / August 2021.


By Edward